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My name is Katie Andrew, and I am the owner of Katie Andrew Physical Therapy (KA-PT). I started KA-PT because after 18 years, I still believe that being a physical therapist is the BEST job in the world. Every hour, a new puzzle walks through the door and I get a chance to study, solve, and educate someone about it.

So…. why should you check out Katie Andrew Physical Therapy? It’s simple, I believe that the patient’s needs come first. As a therapist, I have the skill set to get you back to doing what you love. Even more than that, I truly believe that TOGETHER we can make your physical therapy experience one that changes the way you treat your body.

I have known I wanted to be a Physical Therapist since I was 13 years old. I come from a long line of nurses and educators, but since I can’t stand the thought of starting an IV, I took my love for medicine and education and became a physical therapist.

After college in Illinois and living in Chicago for 14 years, my husband Louie and I brought our two children back to my hometown—Lake Country. In the past five years, I have truly grown to appreciate living in this community. We have two kids in a local school, participating in multiple sports and living in a great neighborhood have made me fall in love with Lake Country all over again. We are fortunate enough to see immediate family every day and have created an amazing extended family that means the world to us.

Owning my own Physical Therapy clinic has always been my dream. But opening a clinic to serve the amazing community that I get to call my HOMETOWN is even better than I imagined.

Choose Katie Andrew Physical Therapy, let us provide the personalized care you need to get you back doing what you love.

Keep Moving –
Katie Andrew

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