New Year…New You?

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Was your 2018 plagued with injuries? Do you have pain, tightness or discomfort that you thought would “just go away” and it hasn’t? Did you jump right into a 2018 marathon without even trying a 5k first?? Did you train hard all of 2018 to hit your goals and now feel a little banged up?? Does your back hurt from wrapping stacks of presents? Is your hamstring still cramping from your 10 hour car ride to see family?

Can I start off the new year by saying how much I HATE the phrase “New Year, New You”?  What does that phrase even mean? What is wrong with the “old” me? Do I have to replace ALL of me?? The part of me that has had a strong affinity to my sister-in-law’s white chocolate cookies, copious amounts of coffee and a glass of wine every night the last 2 weeks probably SHOULD be re-evaluated, but do I really need a whole new me or just some tweaking?

In all seriousness, the New Year should be a signal to make some new goals. Not the kind of goals that require a total transformation, but a few ATTAINABLE goals. Goals that allow you to grow physically and mentally. Goals that can start small and grow larger over the next 365 days. Goals that allow you to LEARN – whether that is about a new sport, a new skill or a new interest – that is up to you. You don’t need to reinvent yourself every 365 days. Instead, each new year, make a list of things you would like to pursue and challenge yourself!

At Katie Andrew Physical Therapy, I am setting goals both big and small. It is my goal over the next 365 days to provide you with purposeful posts each week. Posts that will educate you on all things physical therapy and health related, as well as some fun challenges to bring out the competitive spirit in you. I hope that over the next 365 days you grow with me and continue to push me to provide the outstanding patient-focused treatment you deserve.

If your 2018 was hampered by injuries and pain, make an appt at KA-PT. Make pain-free movement a priority in 2019! I promise you won’t regret it.

Keep Moving,
Katie Andrew PT DPT
Katie Andrew Physical Therapy

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